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30 TH May, 2013 is the expiry for Nifty futures May series. Our forecast is that Nifty would expire in the range of 6055 and 6130.

Anything beyond this range will give trading opportunities on the sell and buy sides. The real facts to watch is rollovers, specially how many shorts rollover to June series. Short covering can easily give us a green day on Nifty chart.

Intraday traders will be best served by keeping away from Intraday trading on the expiry day tomorrow. let the FIIs and DIIs play their games.

To many “SELL IN MAY” followers it proved  a disappointing month. As far as we intraday traders are concerned it was a good month due to volatility and daily range being on higher side. Let’s see what Nifty futures June series have in store for Indian stock Market……


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4 thoughts on “NIFTY INTRADAY:- 30TH MAY,2013

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Do post about rollover too , so we get an insight on it too as nifty has closed on triple witching day between the range given by you , regards

    • thank you, will try to ….

      • Anonymous on said:

        Nifty closed within the range suggested by you , as suggested in earlier message pl do give us more closing and rollover data of may series which ended today , regards

      • in June series SHORT rollovers are far greater, even PCR is too high, therefore at least for first day tomorrow play with positive bias, with a trailing SL of not more than 30 points. Till we are not below 6050, keep your trading system in positive territory. I hope you have a trading system and just tighten the stop loss in it for the first week of June series.

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